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When you have seen a truck or van you like, please call or email us.
Please make sure you clearly state in which country you would like it exported to. It will greatly help us if you can name the port where you want the truck to be landed at.
Once we have received your email, we will then confirm by email the total cost of the truck landed in your chosen port with all UK or Portuguese charges paid.
If you then want to place an order for the vehicle, we will send you a Pro Forma invoice for the truck, which will contain all our banking details, to enable you to pay us. We will then hold the truck for three working days until your funds have been transferred to our bank.
We accept payments in British Pounds, Euro or USD.
We can also accept cash payments in British Pounds, Euro or USD.
No goods will be released until all funds are cleared and will remain the goods of Britannia Export Consultants Ltd until all payments have been paid in full and cleared.
If you have any questions on these or any other matters, please contact us on +44 7909 208 772
WhatsApp / Telegram / Viber: +44 7909 208 772